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My Name Is David had its world premiere this past weekend at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival.  It was an absolutely incredible experience, filled with great films, inspiring artists and delicious food.  Our first stop was the SLOIFF Headquarters, where I finally had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Ross Joynt, Assistant to the Director of the festival.  She'd been updating the filmmakers via email throughout the week, and she was as lovely and passionate about independent films and creators as I thought she'd be.  I was completely floored to see the poster for our film hanging in their office, so it was a great little photo op with the family.  This was the first film festival for my two little girls, Madeline and Sophia.  They've been watching me work on this film for the better part of two years, so when they saw the poster of it on the wall and everybody talking about it, it was kind of a surreal experience for them.  (For me as well!)  Maddy shouts out, "My dad is famous!" which was really adorable, and Nancy tweeted the photo with Maddy's quote.  It was an incredible moment, and I'm happy that my two little girls could see with their own eyes the payoff of all that hard work.   SLOIFF is a festival I won't soon forget.  The people that worked so hard to put that festival together really care about the people behind the films.  They went out of their way to make my family and I feel welcomed.  San Luis Obispo is a really remarkable place, and we can't wait to return. My Name Is David premiered on March 14, 2015 at 4pm at the Downtown Cinemas.  It also screened on Sunday March 15 at the Palm Theatre, with a Q&A after the screening with myself, and Producer/Co-writer/Actor Keith Powell.